Our Mission

The DeRoy Testamentary Foundation’s mission is to provide funding support for organizations that improve the quality of life and promote the well-being of individuals in our community.

Our Focus

Adult Welfare


Arts & Culture


Community Enrichment

Children, Youth and Families



Foundation Board

Julie Rodecker

President, Chairperson
of the Board of Trustees

Gregg Watkins

Vice President, Treasurer, and Trustee

Ryan Smith

Secretary, Program Officer, and Trustee

Barbara Skalski

Executive Assistant

Our Story

In 1946, Helen established the Helen L. DeRoy Foundation, when it was uncommon to have a family foundation. Though women didn’t keep their maiden name at that time, Helen used the first initial of her maiden name as her middle name. She was always insistent that she be addressed as Helen L. DeRoy in correspondence and articles. When she passed away in 1977 the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation was created and continues her good work to this day with a primary focus of improving the lives of those in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Helen L. DeRoy